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April 22, 2010


Don't let them get to you Sally. You are totally in the right. Hopefully she at least realized from what you said that she was being rude, even if she didn't realize you were also doing the right thing for Charlie.

Wow, what is that other mother going to do when her daughter is in kindergarten and doesn't want to go to school? :-)

3 is definitely an age of tantrums and testing -- good for you for setting good limits and adhering to them. Otherwise they never end . . .

Tough love is the only way to cut needed apron strings. You are a wonderful mother and I've always been impressed with your intuitiveness when it comes to meeting your child's needs, even if it means to let them cry a little bit. I would have walked away just like you knowing my kid is secure in his shoes and will have a great time. It's all a show for mom when it comes to being three.

Aw. Kids at that age are just testing you. That other mom is going to have quite a handful in a few years, or she'll just have a much more difficult battle on her hands. Charlie likes his preschool, he's fine. And you are a great mother!

Just bring her on! I hope you point her out to me the next time I visit. . .grrr. The very idea of a wonderful mom like you being hurt for doing the right thing. Mr. Charlie knows you will be there when class is over and after all he is the rock star. Hang in there babe.

Sally, that mom that told you that, is going to be in for a real eye opener when her child goes to kindergarten next year. I wonder if she has any older children because perhaps her lesson is waiting to be learned when her child has a meltdown when she has to line up on the playground and say goodbye to mom next year. And, at the rate we are going in APS, the teacher will be too busy dealing with the other 21 students to have time to comfort the crying. I think you are on the right track. School is a routine, just like going to work for grown ups. There are days I feel like crying but I show up. You are a good mom because you care enough to know your child and set limits.

Sounds like Charlie is checking the rules (again!). Hang in there Mom, and by disregarding "mother peer pressure" you set the standard for your boys.

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