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September 24, 2009


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Awesome! Now I need to learn about bokeh:)

Hey Sally,

I love your photos! I was really impressed with the entire set, not just the duck photo I commented on in Flickr. I also read the Pioneer Women though I think I've missed her non-cooking posts. I'll have to check her RSS feeds and see if I can subscribe to the full site. Cool that we like the same stuff!

I love that shot! All in your garden? Great job!
Another PW reader!

Those are really remarkable colors!!!

Wonderful capture!

i love the colors of the flowers in the background! nice job.

I love Pioneer Woman as well! She's got some awesome recipes on her site. I keep meaning to get a different lens for my camera that will get the bokeh effect. :) Beautiful photo.

I LOVE this picture! OH MY GOODNESS! I saw your comment at Pioneer Woman Photography and had to come over for a look. Truly amazing!

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